Paris and Kigali, 28 May 2021 – Bpifrance and Rwanda ICT Chamber announced the signature of a convention designed to accelerate the connection between innovative Rwandan companies and the French and European investors and businesses, through the EuroQuity digital platform. 


This cooperation agreement was signed by Pascal Lagarde, Executive Director in charge of International Affairs, Strategy, Development and Research at Bpifrance and Alex Ntale, Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda ICT Chamber. Bpifrance and RWANDA ICT CHAMBER agreed to initiate their collaboration through a program of joint activities including: 


  • The creation of a RWANDA ICT CHAMBER community on EuroQuity to bring together the Rwandan ecosystem (entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, accelerators, incubators) and enhance the link between international investors and companies in order to foster access funding and business opportunities;
  • The development of labels to promote Rwanda ICT Chamber’s acceleration programs and partners. Companies and  partners’ companies will benefit from labels that will help them gain exposure among investors and future partners on the platform;
  • E-pitch sessions and sector-specific webinars will be co-organized to animate the community, promote Rwandan companies and connect them with international investors and business partners.
  • Synergies with third party African and European projects will be explored to unlock the full potential of this collaboration and best leverage investment and business opportunities.


Alex Ntale, the Chief Executive Officer of the ICT Chamber stated, “We have highly appreciated this agreement, and we believe that it marks the beginning of a new journey to ICT conversions for both parties. As Rwanda ICT Chamber aims at creating high caliber sources of business opportunities in the ICT sector, this cooperation with Bpifrance is a gateway to great development collaborations between Rwandan and European ICT ecosystems.” 



This partnership aims at accelerating the connection between innovative Rwandan companies and the French and European investors and businesses, through the EuroQuity digital platform.


“We are pleased to sign this agreement with the ICT Chamber of Rwanda, backed by EuroQuity, as we know this agreement can lead to promising business opportunities and investment proposals. We are eager to develop strong connections and activities and hope that the development of our relations will bring fruitful and effective collaborations for companies, investors and stakeholders on both sides.” Added Pascal Lagarde, Executive director in charge of international affairs at Bpifrance


The EuroQuity platform is a digital service that was launched by Bpifrance in 2008 to help companies find investors and business partners internationally Over the past few years, Bpifrance EuroQuity has become the reference matchmaking platform in Europe and has progressively expanded in Africa with the mission to connect the African and European ecosystems.


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